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Monthly Newsletter: Issue 3

This is an issue of my monthly newsletter. Main topics: technology, startups, business growth, and marketing. See other issues on my blog or subscribe. ~Max

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Technology and Startups

Growth and Marketing

Product Management and Design

  • Making Good Decisions as a Product Manager. Come up with a framework to evaluate decisions. Possible criteria: investment of resources, the impact of a positive outcome, the impact of the negative outcome, and overall importance. (Shopify Product Director)

Leadership and Management


Podcasts and Documentaries

Cognition and Psychology

  • How to Remember What You Read. Read books that are relevant to your situation, have a specific reason for reading them, take notes, build a vivid mental picture, find connections with familiar topics, and teach what you learned. (Farnam Street)


  • Nuzzel sends you a digest of links most frequently shared by people you follow. I’m using it as a social filter for potentially interesting content.


  • $1.9B is 2017 total robot sales.
  • $1B is processed via mobile each day.
  • 93% of professional developers are male. (Stack Overflow survey)
  • $8.55–$10/hr is the median profit from driving for Uber/Lyft. (MIT, initially estimated at $3.4/hr)
  • 1B hours are spent on Facebook each day — ½ hour per active user. (Facebook investor call)
  • $8B is how much Netflix is planning to spend on original content in 2018.
  • 55% of adults in the US seem concerned about government not doing enough to regulate big tech. (Online survey by Axios)

Smarter Living

  • World Happiness Report 2018. The happiest countries: Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, and Australia.
  • Expat Insider 2017. The ranking of the most expat-friendly countries. Top 10: Bahrain, Costa Rica, Mexico, Taiwan, Portugal, New Zealand, Malta, Colombia, Singapore, and Spain. (Internations)

Science and Research


My Essays

Contemplation Break

“No good thing renders its possessor happy unless his mind is reconciled to the possibility of loss.”
– Seneca, Moral Letters to Lucilius

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