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I’ve published three new articles since April. Here is the summary:

Marketing/Growth Channel Coordinate System

Choosing, prioritizing, measuring, and optimizing different channels is a major part of any marketing/growth job. In this post, I’m sharing a simple visual guide to selecting the most promising starting channels for testing and understanding their inherent trade-offs.

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Learning How to Learn (And 20+ Studies)

This blog post went semi-viral on Hacker News where it received 108 points.

I’ve been interested in cognitive science and effective learning methods for years. I’ve read multiple books and articles and put many ideas to test. So I thought I’d synthesize my notes into the blog post, add references to scientific studies, and share it with you.

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VC Twitter and More Tech Lists You Might Like

You’ll like this one if you’re looking for some really cool people to follow on Twitter.

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