Stockholm, Sweden

Morning coffee at home. Train to airport. Boarding. Print-outs about Stockholm. Over there by lunch time.

After Copenhagen and Malmö in March I continued discovering Scandinavia and decided to visit Stockholm. Same format, “weekend + a day” trips.

As one might expect Sweden is very comfortable in multiple respects. There are free Wi-Fi and sometimes audio-guides in museums. In toilets you can sometimes find plastic glasses, so you could try some high quality tap water.

The usual attempt to see how average people live outside of city center was made indirectly. We took a bus from the airport to Marsta and caught a train there to Stockholm. Another immersion in everyday life happened in subway at rush hour, at about 9 AM. I should say that this experience disproved “empty trains” stereotype”. In fact, it was quite crowded. But politeness, as well as perfectly air conditioned and amazingly quit trains made it quite tolerable.

When talking about Sweden, people first think of IKEA, high taxes, social equality, low crime rates, and long life expectancy. All these things have their place, of course. But Stockholm is also a city of awesome sunsets. Of course, pictures are helpless way of transmitting the atmosphere. But it’s better than nothing.

Stockholm soundtrack:

If you go, make sure not to skip Skansen where you can enjoy huge park, experience Swedish culture, and even try using stilts.

Exhibitions in Fotografiska were a disappointment, but I assume that it’s not exhibitions that everybody comes there for. What’s more likely is that people are attracted by wonderful view on Stockholm and an opportunity to enjoy it in the evening with a glass o wine. Indeed, it was a good way to finish our day and our trip.

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