Trip to Japan, impressions and beautiful pictures

My plans to visit Japan turned into reality! Thank you all for your recommendations! If I were to describe the trip in one word I would call it unforgettable. We usually slept for 4-7 hrs a night trying to experience as much as we could.

Japan, Tokyo, Shibuya crossing

Let me answer expected questions right away. How did I get there? Well, have been a PhD student in Higher School of Economics during the last year and a half. As I surprisingly still didn’t get kicked out I decided to participate in the organization of the student exchange with the Japanese Masters and PhD students in June 2009. Took days off at work and helped guys to get around the city and see lots of cool things.

Then, there was a long delay with no news. So, I saved some money and vacation days at work. But after 10 months the reciprocal trip was organized! And it was organized on the breath-taking level!

Tokyo tower view

As a result, I’m sorting out gigabytes of the pictures and planning a series of posts on various topics: from tea ceremony and temples to cuisine and clubs. I promise, there will be more colorful pictures than boring letters. So, turn your RSS readers on and wait for the broadcasts.

As the first adjective that comes to mind when trying to describe Japan is beautiful I suggest to finish with your reading and my writing for today. Instead you might like to contemplate few pictures.

Japan, Kyoto, Imperial_Palace
Beautiful Japanese garden
Japan, beautiful sakura cherry blossom
Japan garden rain lantern

Don’t forget to ask me in comments if there is anything particular you would like to read about or see at pictures.

BTW, 19-23 Apr I’m going to be in Turkey. Check Twitter & Facebook for more status updates.

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