Japan: devil is in the detail

Distinctive features of Japan are well-thought design and attention to details. Compared to Russia the difference is easily visible: economy instead of wide scope, neatness instead of coarseness.This post is going to be a mixture of various interesting and maybe funny things that didn’t match any particular topic of other posts. So, what caught my inquisitive sight?

Take elevator, for instance. Notice additional buttons for children and disabled.

Japan Tokyo elevator design

Although, I need to point out that simplicity is not always the case with elevators. After attempts to understand what colors, lights, buttons, sounds and all in dynamics of the one below actually mean we started to question our intellectual capabilities…

Japan Tokyo elevator design

And this is a “control panel” close to bed in hotel. Radio, light, alarm clock and air conditioner. All in one. Light is regulated gradually and not binary: on or off. What is also interesting is how it all integrated together and located properly close to bed.

Japan, Tokyo design control panel

This is a part of road which attaches to crossroads. In a few meters before the actual crossing its texture and visual component change for obvious reasons.

First I didn’t want to cover such a cliche as Japanese toilets. But I’m afraid I need to do it in order to meet all the expectations. Actually there is no incredible space technologies. More of simple and handy features.

One of the buttons turns on seat heating. Ones with trickles speak for themselves while “+” and “-” buttons allow to change the intensity.

Japan, Tokyo, hotel, toilet

However, it might not be the most advanced one…

Paper is mysterious though. Why 2 rolls? In advance? Although only upper one is recommended for usage. And instruction is there of course. How can you go without an instruction?

Japan, Tokyo, hotel, toilet
Do you have similar examples? Feel free to share!

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