If this then that review: a new web 2.0 tool

Just a couple of days ago I discovered a new promising Web 2.0 service called If this then that which is actually a new start-up project from San-Francisco.

Guys try to develop a kind of meta-tool which unites many others: GmailFacebookTwitterGoogle ReaderEvernoteDeliciousInstagram, etc. Quite an interesting thing to play with, although it lies in a kind of geeky/nerdy field. But I actually believe that normal people can also find it useful for few things…

In short, the idea is to connect all those services through simple rules set-up by user. For example, “if somebody tags me in a photo at Facebook, send me an email about it” or “if I like a post in Google Reader, save it in my Evernote”.

The coolest thing about is that they also have SMS-service that can be used in the same manner as everything else.

Here are some usage ideas that I could come up with:

  • Automatically save content from your blogs, Twitter & Delicious in Evernote for back-up purposes and to make it easier to find something in offline Evernote app;
  • Getting notified by SMS when you receive a letter from somebody important or on important subject in Gmail;
  • Adding a Rememberthemilk task (by sending email letter to their email-gate) via SMS. Can be useful to store those genius ideas that always come at the wrong time;
  • Tweeting or updating Facebook status via SMS. Can be useful in emergency situations or just when no Internet is available but mobile network is there;
  • Sending a letter to particular person via SMS. Same logic as in previous one;
  • Various Email-notifications. For example, about Twitter-mentions;
  • Just saving some Gmail correspondence in Evernote.

Video about the IFTT:

Currently, the number of rules is limited to 10 which can be a sign of potential monetization strategy through freemium). IFTT is invite-only. If interested, I can provide you with an invitation, but there are only 4 left.


    1. You would share mine with you, but I spent my last one yesterday. So, unfortunately cannot help you. Try to Google it, maybe somebody else is giving them out…

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