How can online entrepreneur or a frequent traveler get the most of Evernote internet service (6 tips)

What is important for the entrepreneur who travels around the world? To be totally mobile. And part of being mobile is to have all your information, both business and personal available with you at the any part of the world. Preferably, without carrying anything with you. Well, Evernote lets you get precisely that.

how traveler and online entrepreneur can use and get most of evernote

This is the online service which allows you to store any images and texts (even Microsoft Office documents in the paid version) that you want to use as a reference in future. You can save the data right from the browser by selecting pieces of information and pressing just one button or using the shortcut or you can type something manually. All the notes can be viewed and updated if it’s needed either with the Evernote application or online web-site.

But the most important thing about online storage services like this is that they lower your level of worry. When you know will not lose any information because it’s stored on the server and accessible 24/7 from any place in the world that has the internet.

What makes Evernote even better is that it has a very powerful search engine built-in. It means that even if you upload a picture with text, it will be automatically recognized and transformed to the text format. To make the long story short, this is a priceless tool for me. And if you still don’t have an account I recommend you to get one right now.

So what are the useful lifehacks that can help you get the most of Evernote?

1. Use the web clipper

It’s ten times easier and faster to use Evernote if you integrate it with your browser. First, you need to install the Evernote application itself and then you can get Evernote Add-on for Firefox. With a web clipper Evernote becomes a bookmark manager and your personal knowledge base at the same time.

2. Take digital pictures of all the important documents and upload them to Evernote

It allows you to have a backup copy of your documents and be able to get any details (like passport number of issue date) very quickly anywhere in the world if you have the internet access. Same thing applies to your tickets BTW.

upload documents snapshots to evernote


3. Take pictures of all the business cards and upload them to Evernote

It allows you to save time and be able to find necessary contacts no matter how far from home you are.


4. Use tags

There is a great search tool built-in, but still tags are very useful if you want to find one of your notes.

5. Use the phone application

This is how you get really 100% mobile. Any information you found useful once and saved in Evernote is available any second on your phone if you have the internet connection. But be careful using your mobile internet in the roaming, some mobile operators charge ridiculously high prices for this kind of service.

 use Evernote on your iphone

6. Use the audio notes

You can also record the audio notes which will also be uploaded to the service. It’s very useful if you don’t want to forget your genius thoughts that always come at the wrong time. And it’s also less time-consuming compared to the text notes.

The other ways of using Evernote include files backup, creating photo galleries, storing your birthdays there and using it as a complete GTD system. But in my opinion there are tools that are better suited for these purposes (and I’m going to tell you about them) and it’s better to use Evernote for the purpose it was created for: information storage.

Do you have any ideas what to add to the list?

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