Best ad campaigns of all time: Nike, Intel, Apple and others

I recently spent some time thinking what ad campaigns I would call my favorite. I think it would be Nike, Intel & Apple. See yourself.


Nike probably create the most motivational and vital commercials. Not only they motivate you to engage in sport but to to act and compete life in general. One of the best ones: “Nike Courage“.

Few other Nike video ads: No excusesImpossible is nothingI can do thisMy better is better than your better.


Intel’s snobbish humor is awesome. I think the favorite one is: “Intel jokes“.

Few other Intel video ads: RockstarDoodles. Then, just follow “similar videos” links.



Well, Apple is a kind of banal choice, but they really did a good job. It’s hard to pick a favorite one, but I think it would be classic “Think different“.

And then the whole “Mac vs. PC” series. For example, “Legal“. Yes, they do manipulate facts sometimes, but it’s so funny! Few other great videos: VirusesRestartingSecuritySurgery. Then, just follow “similar videos” links.



Few other great ads pop-up in my head.  This Jim Beam commercial is just great. “Bold choices“:

Also, guys from Barclays did a good job turning economic crisis situation to their advantage: “Fake“.  And Nissan made us smile and think with their “Gas-powered everything“.

What are your favorites?

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