23andme review

23andme can decode your DNA using a sample of your saliva and offer you quite a few insights into your nature. 23andme is the biotechnology company that was founded in 2008 by Linda Avey and Anne Wojcicki (who also happens to be Sergey Brin’s wife).

I personally tried it couple of months ago and received my results around a couple of weeks ago and decided to write a brief review. So, what exactly can 23andme offer?


First section is devoted to health. Here you can view:
1. Diseases that you have higher, regular and lower than average chances of getting and some advice on prevention;
2. Traits you likely to have like for example certain muscle types and lactose (in)tolerance
3. Your personal reaction to common drugs: increased or decreased


23andme also analyzes shows maps of where your ancestors came from, how close you’re to different groups of people (for example, Northern Europeans) and let’s you find your genetic relatives. Well, in case you’re not already fed up with you relatives…

Aside from that you can write a message to other people and compare your genetic characteristics. Yeah, kind of “adding to friends”.


To sum-up I’d say that it’s quite an interesting tool to become more self-aware and probably make some lifestyle changes. But unfortunately research data that 23andme conclusions are based on is very limited, so often is the actionable advice.

Although, results and its usefulness will certainly differ a lot from person to person and research data will surely be expanded later on. Overall, thumbs up and keep up good work, 23andme!

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