More Spotify Playlists

Some people liked the Spotify Playlists I shared last time, so i thought I’d share a few more. These four are my favorites for background listening when working or studying:

  1. Electronic music, mostly medium to fast tempo, 862 songs.
  2. Electronic music, mostly slow to medium tempo, 892 songs.
  3. Electronic drone music – super slow, for very occasional use when deep focus is needed or everything else seems too distracting. 199 songs.
  4. Jazz music with no vocals or saxophone, 196 songs.

I’ll also embed them here:

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A couple of great Spotify playlists

I just wanted to share these two amazing Spotify playlists.

1. BerkeleyHaas applications songs
Applicants to BerkeleyHaas used to be asked for an essay on this topic: “If you could choose one song that expresses who you are, what is it and why?” This is a collection of songs used by classes ’13, ’15 and ’16. Totally optimistic, daring, reflective and sometimes surprising. Highly recommended. Total songs: 381.

2. All Aerostat (a popular music podcast) songs: episodes 1-522
Hand-picked by Boris Grebenshchikov, full of beautiful gems from all eras. Total songs: 2,881 (actually 5,212 but Spotify doesn’t have all)

Just try both on shuffle, skipping the ones you don’t like. You won’t be disappointed.