Quora: ask any question

I could not find enough time to post here recently. I certainly have been doing more reading than writing. So, I thought why not to share some of things I read? And I decided to tell you about Quora.

As you most probably already know, Quora is a questions-answers website which succeeded in doing what Google and multiple other companies failed at: provide a decent quality of responses.

Several months ago they even created their own book “Best of Quora 2010-2012“, compiled of best answers, available for free download. It covers quite a range of topics. From Steve Jobs to moldy cheese, from neurological basis of curiosity to Jay-Z. I hope to find time and selectively read the most intriguing ones.


In a meanwhile, here is the short list of questions on the website itself that I found noteworthy:

Add me if you are there.

Cool stuff digest: April & May 2011

Things that I liked in April & May 2011:

  1. Artificial intelligence at work: Google Scribe suggests a new word to type. I first thought that it’s April 1 joke… :);
  2. As it turns out, you can set your Google ads interests to make them more relevant;
  3. Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz;
  4. Vintage photos of Moscow, taken with a Graflex box camera in 1909;
  5. Brandz 2011
  6. Very cool wiki-project: short book summaries;
  7. Our digital life info-graphics;
  8. Google Correlate.

All links are from my twitter and Google Reader.