Cool stuff digest: April & May 2011

Things that I liked in April & May 2011:

  1. Artificial intelligence at work: Google Scribe suggests a new word to type. I first thought that it’s April 1 joke… :);
  2. As it turns out, you can set your Google ads interests to make them more relevant;
  3. Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz;
  4. Vintage photos of Moscow, taken with a Graflex box camera in 1909;
  5. Brandz 2011
  6. Very cool wiki-project: short book summaries;
  7. Our digital life info-graphics;
  8. Google Correlate.

All links are from my twitter and Google Reader.

Japan: devil is in the detail

Distinctive features of Japan are well-thought design and attention to details. Compared to Russia the difference is easily visible: economy instead of wide scope, neatness instead of coarseness.This post is going to be a mixture of various interesting and maybe funny things that didn’t match any particular topic of other posts. So, what caught my inquisitive sight?

Take elevator, for instance. Notice additional buttons for children and disabled.

Japan Tokyo elevator design

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Designers travelling the world: idea nomads onizou

Last Friday we’ve been to the amazing presentation give by two designers traveling the world that call themselves Idea Nomads in Moscow. Oni and Zou (these are their aliases) have a goal to travel the world without taking flights.


So far, they visited China, Hong Kong, Tibet, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Russia, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan giving various creative/design presentations and arranging the workshops and of course doing some self-PR. They don’t seem to be willing to stop so far, the route they had drawn on the world map is far from being complete.

I don’t know about you, but it’s another source of inspiration for me: