Best ad campaigns of all time: Nike, Intel, Apple and others

I recently spent some time thinking what ad campaigns I would call my favorite. I think it would be Nike, Intel & Apple. See yourself.


Nike probably create the most motivational and vital commercials. Not only they motivate you to engage in sport but to to act and compete life in general. One of the best ones: “Nike Courage“.

Few other Nike video ads: No excusesImpossible is nothingI can do thisMy better is better than your better.


Intel’s snobbish humor is awesome. I think the favorite one is: “Intel jokes“.

Few other Intel video ads: RockstarDoodles. Then, just follow “similar videos” links.


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Cool stuff digest: April & May 2011

Things that I liked in April & May 2011:

  1. Artificial intelligence at work: Google Scribe suggests a new word to type. I first thought that it’s April 1 joke… :);
  2. As it turns out, you can set your Google ads interests to make them more relevant;
  3. Honest Logos by Viktor Hertz;
  4. Vintage photos of Moscow, taken with a Graflex box camera in 1909;
  5. Brandz 2011
  6. Very cool wiki-project: short book summaries;
  7. Our digital life info-graphics;
  8. Google Correlate.

All links are from my twitter and Google Reader.