Fresh, Ep. 1 with Co-Founder and CEO | Building a travel startup

If you are interested in tech entrepreneurship, you might like my recent experiment shooting video interviews with startup founders. For now, there is only one video, featuring my Berkeley-Haas classmate Johannes who is the Co-Founder and CEO.

Without further ado:

Audio version:

Future plans:

For the first episodes, I am planning to focus on UC Berkeley MBA classmates and friends. Unlike other tech and entrepreneurial shows online, I am going to focus on “fresh” entrepreneurs who have just got started recently and are not hugely successful to the point when they only give you boring politically correct “CEO press-conference” type of answers.

Also, in terms of style, I am planning to keep it very conversational as opposed to conducting it as a formal interview. It means that sometimes we will be talking about a bunch of things unrelated to business, such as music, books or life in general, just like we would when meeting friends to catch up.



0:00 Intro
0:23 Johannes’ Bio
01:15 Startup Idea: Finding inspiration in observing Swiss people traveling to India in a small group
6:47 Minimum Viable Product and Partners
12:42 Traveling Trends
14:52 Monetization
17:00 Travel Destinations: Traveling to Tajikistan and Uzbekistan
20:35 Traveling hacks: How to get three seats for the price of two and when to buy tickets
25:58 Having Fun: Music for the mind and windsurfing in Bay Area
ABRIDGED  (only in full version of the video):
– Finding Funding
– Marketing: Leveraging underrated offline channels
– Non business-related chatting and Johannes’ definition of success, thoughts on happiness, advice to five years younger self, favorite books, documentaries and websites

Let us know if you are interested in these topics as well and we might post a longer version as well!


Get in touch with Johannes (guest): LinkedIn, Twitter

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As it is the first episode and as I am still undecided how much time I am willing to invest in this experiment and what topics and people to focus on,  you can greatly influence the way it evolves in the future, so please share your direct and honest feedback!

Hate how I fidget? Let me know. Hate my mumbling of questions? Let me know.

Also, feel free to comment on my blog or Youtube channel.

Apologies for sound, editing and our English and our accents.

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Thank you for your interest!


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