Fresh, Ep. 2 with Teaman & Company Founder | Joining 500 Startups and selling luxury jewelry online

For those who enjoyed the first Fresh episode with Co-Founder and CEO about Building a travel startup, here is the second episode with Teaman & Company Founder about joining 500 Startups and selling colored gemstone  jewelry online:

Audio version:

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00:00 INTRO
01:45 THE BEGINNING and teaming up with a co-founder
03:05 PRODUCT CHOICE: Why jewelry to disrupt
05:10 THE PASSION: Caring about a problem and being flexible about a solution
07:34 VALIDATION and customer development
11:29 TARGET AUDIENCE: Insights into millennials shopping patterns
16:42 RESEARCH: Learning from competitors’ mistakes
17:39 MINIMUM VIABLE PRODUCT for a physical goods startup
20:57 SUPPLIERS: Getting them aboard as a small startup
22:34 CHALLENGES: The importance of communication
25:30 INSPIRING people to join you
26:05 ADVICE to those interested in working for a startup
27:49 PERSONAL CHALLENGES of launching a startup
28:55 REPUTATION: Why it is critical
32:23 500 STARTUPS: Getting into accelerators and getting most value out of it
36:44 ADVISORS: Whom would you pick if you could choose anyone?
38:45 BOOKS AND MOVIES: Knowledge and inspiration in business and non-business literature
41:50 ADVICE to young smart aspiring entrepreneurs
45:18 CONTACTS: how to reach Alastair
Business Books
 Fiction Books and Movies


Alastair (guest): or alastair@teamanco.comLinkedInTwitter.
Max (host): Blog, LinkedIn and Twitter


This is just the second episode and as I am still undecided how much time I am willing to invest in this experiment and what topics and people to focus on.  So you can greatly influence the way it evolves in the future, so please share your feedback! Also, feel free to comment on my blog or Youtube channel.

Apologies for all the imperfections.


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