Best free international iPhone apps: only smart tools, no dull time eaters

There are so many “best iphone apps” lists out there, but most of them are generic. They include silly games and other time eaters. Enough!

I’ve decided to create a list of the iPhone apps with the specific focus. These are smart, not dull. And so will be you. For easier usage, I’ve divided all the apps into few categories and included sources where you can find them all for free. So, what are the best apps that were created since iPhone creation till the end of 2009?

Data/knowledge management

1. Dropbox app (available for free in Itunes)

Allows you to access your Dropbox account.

If you still havent’ tried it, I highly recommend you to do it. This a the storage service that let’s you store 2 GB of any info for free or 50 GB for $99 per year.
Then, you can access your data from any computer and actually sync it between them by downloading application that creates local folder on your HDD.

2. Evernote (available for free in Itunes)

Allows you to access your Evernote account.

Again, if you aren’t the Evernote user I highly recommend you to create an account. This is the ultimate notebook for all your notes, pictures, documents or whatever you need to write down, save and organize. The best in class, IMHO.


1. Google Calendar synchronization

Though it’s not an app, it’s incredibly useful and convenient to get your iPhone automatically synchronize with the Google Calendar. Here is how you can do it.

Again, if you don’t use Google Calendar as your planning tool, this is exactly the moment to give it a try.

2. Rememberthemilk iphone app or the ToDo Iphone app
(available for $10 in Itunes or for free in torrents)

I currently consider Rememberthemilk as the best online todo manager out there, I event bought the pro version! But as long as this is a matter of taste you might prefer something more universal like ToDo iPhone app for instance. Besides, rememberthemilk service itself only allows you to use mobile client in paid pro version (unfortunately). If you have an account on, you can get ToDo here or there.


1. Twetie (available for $3 in Itunes or for free in torrents)

Supports your OCD for non-stop microblogging and reading tweets.

Again, you can steal a free version from here, if you have an account on

2. WordPress iPhone app (available for free in Itunes)

Obviously, allows you to update your WordPress blog.

3. Livejournal app (available for free in Itunes)

Allows you to post to the


1. GoodReader (available for $1 in Itunes or for free in torrents)

Allows you to read E-Books on your iPhone. Supports USB & Wi-Fi connections.


2. Wikiamo (available for free in Itunes) & Wikipanion (available for free in Itunes, “plus” version is for $5)

They allow you to read the Wikipedia articles. Yes, you can do it with Safari. But it’s hell of a lot easier and faster to search for, open and read them (because of the proper formatting) with these tools. I currently have both, just in case. Probably you gonna like one more than the other, so try both.

3. NetNewsWire (available for free in Itunes, “premium” version is for $5)

This is the first RSS reader that synchronizes with the Google Reader.

Social networks and instant messaging

Though it’s disputable if social networking and (especially) instant messaging should be considered a smart and productive thing to do or simple time wasting, I still think that it would be nice to have all the tools available to you and then decide when, how and what for to use them.

1. Facebook app (available for free in Itunes)

Kind of speaks for itself.

2. BeejiveIM (available for $7 Itunes or for free in torrents)

Best and universal IM app out there.

3. Flickr app (available for free in Itunes)

Office/work tools

1. Quickoffice (available for free in Itunes or for free in torrents)

Pdf, Power Point, Word, Excel, et cetera, et cetera.


1. Foursquare (available for free in Itunes)

4sq is irreplaceable if you find yourself in unfamiliar part of a city or in a new city and want to find a place to take a coffee nearby.


I’ve been thinking for quite a while before putting games here, but decided to do it. I personally couldn’t find time to play a lot, but these seem to fall into smart category:

1. Brain Exercise with Dr. Kawashima
(lite version is available for free in Itunes, full version is available for $5 in Itunes or for free in torrents)

2. Chess iPhone apps

For those who are into chess. :)


1. iScrobble (available for free in Itunes)

If you’re user, you’re going to like this app. It allows you to scrobble everything that you listen to on your iPhone.


1. Flipclock (available for $1 in Itunes or for free in torrents)

Very nice app that turns your iPhone into clock.

2. (available for free in Itunes)

Definitions for 275 000 English words.

3. Sleep Cycle (available for $1 in Itunes or for free in torrents)

Theoretically, this is an alarm clock which wakes you at the proper sleep stage in order for you to wake-up easier and feel better. Frankly, I didn’t notice any significant diference, but probably you’re going to be more lucky?


4. TED iphone app (бесплатно в Itunes)

All TED talks videos without searching for them on youtube or official site.

5. Open Culture (available for free in Itunes)

Allows you to access various intelligent content on your iPhone, made by

Guys, I hope you find this collection useful! It would be great if you could share some apps of the similar kind!


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